Good tidings

This weekend we drove out to our favorite beach near Tarpon Springs. The trip is normally just under an hour and a half one way, but travelling with children takes a bit more time and planning for the unexpected. When the kids started to become fussy we stopped for a quick lunch, and finished the last leg of the drive with full bellies. We arrived at the beach in the early afternoon with the weather at its hottest, but we were happy nonetheless and eager to swim. The water at this particular beach is always very calm, perfect for little Rowan and Piper as well. We spent the afternoon hours almost entirely in the water, not even stopping to build sandcastles. Still, we left content and went into town later that evening to eat at our favorite Greek restaurant on the sponge docks, Mykonos. Will and I shared a plate of keftedes; it was our first time tasting the delicious little spiced meat patties. We returned in the dark of night and collapsed into bed all the more grateful to be back home after such a long trip.

Yesterday, we celebrated Will’s birthday. Some of the morning was spent lazing around in bed while the children playfully bopped us (and each other) with balloons. In the evening we ate shepherd’s pie outdoors, Will and I split a Guinness, and then we all shared some chocolate cake. The children were all excited after this so they ran around the house until we finally had to call it a night, later than usual (maybe a bit after 9:00 PM).

The day after looks a bit slower, but I’m so grateful to have the change of pace. Will cooked us all a pot of oatmeal, and I spent the morning washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom while he took the kids out to the park. It’s quiet time now, so I put a load of laundry in and had a chance to pop in here to write. Piper and I even had a chance to squeeze in a game of checkers (she won). Now I’m off to tidy some more, and maybe sneak in a few more pages of Outlander before I head to the store for some easy dinner ingredients. I’m thinking pasta tonight, since the last several days have been spent cooking more involved meals.

Write again soon-


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