Here I am, midweek and on the cusp of a new school year. Sure, we have a few more weeks of summer, but I can feel the change approaching and it is bittersweet. I’m so excited for our girl to begin first grade, and to have the mornings with our youngest to play before he himself begins schooling. I have been very hard on myself this summer, because I envisioned a rollicking summer filled with activities and memory making on the daily. Instead, our days have turned out to be slower paced, with some sibling spats and boredom. I have to keep perspective, though, because we have gone out on several family outings to the theater, Piper enjoyed children’s yoga classes with her schoolmates for a month, we have spent time with friends and family (some from out of town), been to the beach, and are still looking forward to a night in St. Augustine with my parents.

This summer has been filled with lessons for me. I am still learning to feel comfortable with being a firm parent and holding the children to their routine. I am in a house filled with lovely spontaneous individuals but as far as the children go, they need to stick to their routines such as napping and eating for their own well being. I am becoming more comfortable with being predictable, because I have seen the consequences when we deviate too far from our household rhythm. Also, I am realizing that entertainment doesn’t have to be spectacular. Piper is happy to watch Jeopardy reruns with me while we paint one another’s toes and fingernails. I’m still struggling with evenings, when the children fight sleep and I am ready to call it a night by 9:00 PM and have time to myself to read, reflect, and center myself. Some days this summer looked like 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM or later, all children all the time. Most days are a bit better — but come the school year, I want the children asleep by 8:30 at the latest.

Also, I am recommitting to wearing my Fit-Bit again. I would like to be sleeping better and having more time for focused exercise, but until that time comes I can at least track my steps and push myself to reach my daily goal. Luckily, I have a good community of friends in Kim, my friend Renee from college, my sister, my dad, and my brother-in-law, all of whom compete with me in various daily or weekly goal competitions through the Fit-Bit app. I just have to remember to keep the thing charged. Sometimes charging takes a day or two, and I fall out of the habit or wearing it — but it’s not a good excuse. I can at the very least wear it, and cut back on eating at night. I find those simple commitments have helped lately.

I’ll pop in again later in the week-


2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. I’ve been charging my FitBit when it gets below 30%, not before. My goals are lower than yours, but they work for me. Glad you have recommitted!

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