September down memory lane

The current temperature in Lakeland, FL is 92 degrees with 57% humidity. In my childhood hometown of Danbury, Connecticut, the temperature is 63 degrees but surprisingly even more humid — looks like the weathermen there are predicting rain soon. Still, the thought of a cool and rainy September afternoon has me longing for some time up north.

I love the falling leaves, apple picking, rustic wreaths, hot drinks on cold days, and crisp cool air that are all part of a quintessential New England autumn. I remember running down the hill that was our front yard, down to my house after school. Hours spent reading books in the living room, napping on that comfortable couch, or playing outside and finding tent caterpillars and collecting little berries and acorns to pretend cook with. The soft grass beneath my feet. The earthworms in the garden. The stars so clear in the evening sky.

Although we are in a different time and place now, it is my hope that I can help my children to feel the many blessings of this season (of the year and of their lives), and that they may enjoy so many beautiful autumn days spent either in the cozy warmth of our home, or outside enjoying the magic of nature and the present moment as it unfolds before us. It is my hope that I can overcome feeling so hot all the time, and can find some energy and sense of place that will become for us what my beautiful New England childhood was for them.

Soon time for school pick up, write more soon….


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