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September Sorting

September is always a busy month for us, filled with birthdays, our anniversary, and school in full swing. Amidst all this, I have been making some small changes around the house that I believe will help us to live more mindfully and bring more of a sense of rhythm to our day-to-day routines.

I’ve started with organizing the children’s rooms. I’ve put some toys into storage to rotate through later in the year. Clothes that no longer fit and toys that were never played with are ready to donate. Will put up a rod in Rowan’s closet to hang some of his nicer clothes, so that there is more room in his drawers. I cleared out Piper’s art desk and organized her jewelry. Everything is so much easier to access. Will also worked on clearing out our back porch area by hanging my brooms, mops and bucket.

Rowan has shown a real interest in helping me in the kitchen with things like cooking and washing dishes (he loves water), so we invested in a tall nonslip stool with borders that pulls right up to the counter. I love that a sometimes tedious part of our day now has the possibility of being a joyful bonding time.

I’m also looking forward to receiving a traditional clothes drying rack that I ordered online. I grew up with a clothesline, so I already love the smell and feel of clothes dried in the sun. The rack is different because it folds up when we aren’t using it, and I can take it inside the house on rainy days. I know the children will enjoy helping me put the clothes out to dry (they often help me with laundry as it is).

We have also been doing more arts and crafts together in the afternoons. These are my favorite types of days — slow and intentional. Some weekends we linger over our breakfast. Sometimes during the week Rowan and I have an extra long snack and tea time when everyone else is out of the house. Once the leaves really start to fall, we’ll go outside and collect some and that bit of nature will guide our activities at home. I love using charcoal or crayons for leaf rubbings. My mom suggested we trace some leaves, color them and then cut them out to fashion into a kind of autumnal garland. I like that idea a lot, so we’ll hopefully get to that in the coming month or so.

I hope to pop back in to write again later this week!

Until then,


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