Saturday evening sentiments

It’s a quiet kind of Saturday night. Will is in the kitchen with the kettle on, preparing me a cup of chamomile tea with honey. I’m huddled under the quilt in bed and thinking about the busy week we just finished.

This was our first full week back to a normal routine after the Labor Day holiday and several days off from school/work due to hurricane Dorian last week. On Thursday we celebrated Piper’s birthday at home. She had a little party with friends this morning as well. Our little girl is growing up right before our eyes. Even Rowan seems to be entering a new phase of his childhood.

I feel a bit raw because I know I’m growing and changing along with them. Ten years ago I saw the world with such wide eyes, and lived with a curious and adventurous spirit. Now my eyes bear the lines of time around them and I am more discerning, too. I used to immerse myself in books, movies, and music. While I still enjoy all of those, I am more often cherishing time with my children and exploring the magical world of childhood again through their eyes.

Will and I celebrate our 8th anniversary this month. I told you September was busy for us! Marriage, like motherhood, has also changed me (for the better). I have learned to give and to receive, to forgive and to ask forgiveness. And I’m still learning. I watched a movie recently, it may have even been a comedy like Something’s Gotta Give, and there was a quote centered around the idea that intimacy and romance are two different concepts. I love this, because it feels so true. Romance is alluring and wonderful, but intimacy–that ability to be truly yourself and vulnerable with another person–is a more powerful, life-changing force altogether.

Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give

In the film Something’s Gotta Give, Diane Keaton reluctantly nurses a womanizing Jack Nicholson back to health after a heart attack. Meanwhile, Diane Keaton’s character is wooed by a charming young doctor played by Keanu Reeves. It seems like he would be the perfect partner for her — they have a natural chemistry, he respects her work, and he seems to really adore her (not to mention he is Keanu Reeves). Meanwhile, Jack Nicholson is crotchety and ungrateful and not in the best of health. I think that Diane and Jack end up together because what they share is more authentic than what Diane could have had with Keanu. They also stretch each other–Jack unwittingly helps Diane out of her writing slump, and Diane helps Jack open his heart to the possibility of a mature love. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s so funny and one that I could watch over and over again (and have).

Well, I’m going to finish up my tea and log off here. I hope you have a good weekend.


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