Local Joy

Saturday afternoon we popped in to see the new bakery opening downtown, Honeycomb Bakery. The children ate warm toast and apple butter, Will had a thick slice of avocado toast topped with locally grown pea shoots and sliced peppers, and I relished a warm slice of freshly baked challah slathered with chocolate hazelnut spread and sliced bananas.

Also, I think I’m becoming a bit spoiled on locally roasted coffee. I brew a cup for myself most weekdays using my Melitta pour over pot, but I keep ending up at Black and Brew for a cup of dark roast Patriot Coffee (locally roasted by the cafe owner) that just rocks my world. Second best but still delicious is a cup of Ethos Roasters coffee, I believe they serve this at Concord and also at Honeycomb Bakery (and at the farmers market). Also, I had the best latte ever at The Market at Cafe Zuppina last month with Rachelle. It was so creamy and served in a proper dainty cup with a foam heart on top and everything.

All of these locales are a great way to experience a sense of Lakeland community as well. It’s more than a cup of coffee; I take my kids to Black and Brew by the library each week and they play on the patio while Will and I get a chance to catch up, or say hello to some friends we may happen to run into there. It has so often been a reprieve for us, and I know it is for others as well. Just the other evening I saw a couple with a newborn sit down at a table and pull out a game of mancala. They had themselves a little date night right there with their baby happily nestled in her stroller, taking in all the sights around her.

I’m writing this from our front porch, and I can see the sun is beginning to set a little. There is a definite sense of autumn approaching in the air, and I’m looking forward to the 23rd of September when it will be official. I’m also excited about Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) coming up on the 29th. This is a time when we traditionally eat apples and honey, as well as other sweet foods like prunes and tzimmes, in hopes for a sweet new year. I’ve written about my feelings on Rosh Hashanah on the blog before here.

How was your weekend? Where do you go for a sense of community or a little reprieve (or a good cup of coffee)? What are some of your autumn traditions? Let me know in the comments below!


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