Kitchen notes on a dreamy autumn morning

I’m at the dining table with my mug of coffee; Will and Rowan are taking a little siesta so I have a moment to write.

I went to the grocery store the other day and brought home what I think is a little autumn bounty. A few pink lady apples, Bartlett pears, fingerling potatoes as well as sweet, beets, kohlrabi, a gorgeous pomegranate, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage all made their way into my basket. I usually shop from a big list I make in advance, but this time around I let my senses guide me.

I had the best of intentions for last night’s dinner, but it did turn out to be surprisingly fussy. I roasted the fingerling potatoes in olive oil and sage while baking a meatloaf at the same time. I use my mom’s typically fool proof recipe, but this time around I used a different loaf pan and it took forever to cook. We ended up slicing it and arranging pieces on a pan to finish cooking (thank you for the quick thinking, Mom, I didn’t know what I was going to do!). I also sauteed some cabbage and kohlrabi greens in butter with a splash of apple cider vinegar and some salt and pepper. Will and I really loved this, but it’s understandably harder for the children to enjoy. Piper gobbled up her potatoes, though (of course, who doesn’t like a good roast potato?).

For lunch I found this recipe online for kohlrabi and apple salad, so I made that this morning. I added a bit of shredded white cheddar to it, but other than that it is simple: cut the kohlrabi and apple into matchsticks, toss in some olive oil and lemon juice, add salt and pepper, and mix in some shredded cheese and seeds like sunflower or pepitas. I love the crunch! The kohlrabi is very cruciferous and reminds me of broccoli stalks, kind of like what you would taste in broccoli slaw.

Tonight’s dinner is still somewhat up in the air. I’m thinking about maybe making some peanut soba noodles along with roasted vegetables, maybe broccoli and red bell pepper. Still trying to decide if I want to have it with tofu, and how I’ll prepare that if yes. Maybe roasting alongside the vegetables?

Anyway, enough food talk.

This morning I took Rowan outside for a quick wagon ride. He brought Elmo and Winnie and Piper’s fluffy puppy along with him. We stopped by the lake and the four Pekin ducks that have watched him grow up immediately came running to him. It has been a little while since we have visited them, so Rowan was a bit cautious. They were pushing boundaries a bit, but are very sweet and about half his size. Once Rowan felt comfortable, he chased them a bit and I thought he had scared them off, but I noticed that they still followed us for a while after, haha! They really are so pleasant. On our way back to the house Rowan said, “Bye ducks. Bye birds.” His speech is really taking off and his little voice is just adorable. Being 2 is so special.

Well, I think I’m going to fold some laundry and enjoy the rest of this rare quiet time. I hope you all are well.


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