A little adventure well rewarded

A little taste of fall weather arrived in Lakeland today. The air felt noticeably cooler and less humid. We ate breakfast out on the patio at First Watch. After school I took the children down by the lake. They brought a couple of woven baskets along and collected leaves, acorns, sticks and bits of grass. Piper wants to work on an art project with her leaves over the weekend. Rowan enjoys the sensory play that comes with collecting bits of nature.

On the path home we popped in to the museum briefly. One of our acquaintances is an installation artist, and she currently has a showing on the third floor of the Polk Museum of Art. One of her installations is this beautiful depiction of rainfall into a mirrored pond/puddle. The rain is made with many strips of black lace and glittering sequins that hang like curtains from various little cutout clouds attached to the ceiling. On the ground is a puddle made from a silvery reflective material that gives a genuine impression of water with its slippery, glossy surface. Both the puddle and the sequins catch light and cast shadows of tiny raindrops on the wall behind the installation, taking us further into the scene. There are pillows to lean against. The entire experience feels dreamy and magical, like we stepped into Lothlorien. If you are in Lakeland, you should check it out!

I’m about to start cooking dinner. Something like sauteed cabbage, onion, and apples with vegan sausages. Maybe Will and I will share a Guinness with it.

Have a goodnight-


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