A quick note

Sitting at the dining room table with a steaming mug of Tulsi tea. It’s Sunday, and the last day of our winter break. I do think we are all finally ready to start our usual schedule again.

The last few days have been especially difficult; Rowan had an accident at the playground and must wear a cast for the remainder of the month, most likely. We have been giving him extra care — I have even started wearing him in the Boba carrier again. I love all the snuggles! Our daily rhythm has slowed down considerably, but I think it’s for the best because we kind of pushed through the holiday season with our last breaths of energy. We are all pretty winded and in need of some cozy, restorative home time.

The garden has been such a gift lately. This morning I walked outside and noticed two sweet peppers, nearly fully grown, for the first time. Our passionflower vine is almost completely eaten by gulf fritillary caterpillars. The children have enjoyed watching them nibble the dark green leaves. I noticed a large spider web nearby as well, so I think there must be a hungry spider going after either the eggs or caterpillars themselves. We can also usually find honeybees around our tea bush that we bought from The Nectary. Florida native plants have really brought our garden to life. Things are always changing in the garden. We have some herbs beginning to grow (cilantro and culantro), and it appears that some radish seeds the kids scattered months ago have decided to crop up in one corner of the garden.

Besides the garden, I was really inspired recently by the Netflix documentary Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat based on Samin Nosrat’s book by the same name. Actually, just this morning I placed a hold on the book so hopefully it will come in soon and I can have some fun in the kitchen. She had this recipe for buttermilk roast chicken that looked so delicious. I might try to make that this month. I really love when I can find a show that the children and I can all enjoy. This documentary is one I would watch again with the kids because it’s so educational and fun. We are also fan of the show The Repair Shop on Netflix. It is a slow paced show about people bringing in their old broken treasures to be fixed up by a team of professionals in England. I get emotional whenever someone brings in an old toy they have been attached to forever and the team is able to fix it up while still maintaining its age. I like the thought of taking such care of the things in our lives.

I’m going to go for now — I want to finish my tea now that I can finally drink it without getting a burn on my tongue, haha!

One thought on “A quick note

  1. So so sorry to hear about the little guy.
    In regard to Netflix Repair Show, can they restore this decrepit package called
    Windup Grandpa Toy ?
    Just wondering… enjoying your blog very much

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