Notes on a Friday evening

I’m sitting on the front porch looking out on the last streaks of sunlight fading over the lake. The street lights cast a warm glow across the water, and the peaceful sounds of a long day coming to an end can be heard in the form of soft laughter, contented sighs, and quiet chatter. They come from the couple sitting next to each other on the bench by the shore, and from my neighbor’s porch. I listen to the cars that pass, and watch the runners as they take their evening route. Here in this small part of the world, life continues in a strangely calm manner.

Little dog feet scuttle along the concrete, air conditioners hum. A lizard slithers up the porch screen. Lights twinkle and go out. Will gets ready to pour a couple of glasses of wine; we are looking forward to watching a movie with our friend virtually in ten minutes time. A bug crawls on my computer screen.

I am heavy with feeling and thought. Tomorrow we will begin anew.

Until then, goodnight from the space between.


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