Life in quarantine

Just boiled eggs are cooling in a bowl on the kitchen counter, waiting to be turned into salad for lunch. I’m on the front porch desperately trying to fit in a moment of writing. My mug filled with coffee warmed over a second time on the stove, let’s try this again.

Rowan is barefoot on the front porch because he loves the feel of the cool wood beneath his feet. Will comes out to remind him again to Please. Come. In. To. Put. On. Your. Socks. (He’s going to dig in the dirt out back so he needs the full sock-sneaker getup.)

My body aches because these nights I’m tired and cannot fall asleep early because I have anxiety about the world and what will come of everyone. I need more sunshine, I’m tearful and hormonal. But I am also deeply happy to be with my family, my family with their health and energy and beautiful, free spirited nature.

Will walks around playing the ukulele. Piper puts on a new velvet dress every morning. Rowan’s hair has a life of its own, his curls red and gold rivulets atop his head. These days I run my fingers through them and nuzzle him close, taking in his sweet scent, feeling calm return to my body with each inhale. I feel like Mama Bear in hibernation, and I take great comfort from snuggles with my cubs.

I have to always remind myself to move slowly. My concept of time feels skewed. I’ve just looked at the clock and see that it is 1:02 PM. I don’t understand this, because it was just 7:30 AM. I fed my sourdough starter, we ate breakfast on the patio. I haven’t finished my coffee. How could it be the afternoon? How does time move faster in quarantine?

It’s Friday. Piper has had a full week of virtual Montessori schooling. She is out back working on botany now. This afternoon, Will finishes off a week of teaching virtual music lessons as well. Life is different now, but it is good. The same old lizard is still crawling up my porch screen. I see them everywhere outdoors and they, too, comfort me.

I’m off to finish my coffee now.

I hope you are healthy and well.


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