Small pleasures

This morning we smelled orange blossoms as we walked down to the lake. My neighbor’s tree is a mix of hanging fruit and heady flowers. I picked one up that had fallen to the ground and showed Rowan, who said it smelled like honey. Later, we found a tall dandelion growing in the patch of grass along the alleyway. It looked so wild and sunny yellow. We are going to keep an eye on it in the hopes of catching it just as its flowers have turned to fluff and are perfect for wishing.

The Kapok tree down on the lake is in bloom, and the Tabebuia trees still have some of their color as well. I love the circle of petals that surround them like magical reflecting pools.

In our backyard we enjoy the Camellias, Hibiscus, Tropical Sage, and Crown-of-thorns. Little yellow clover flowers bloom quietly in the grass. Piper plays flower girl with the pink petals of Camellias that have fallen to the ground, and Rowan picks wild bouquets “for the whole family.”

The city has trimmed back all of the roses that grew along the path to the library, which makes the memories of stolen roses that Will would pick for me even sweeter. Sometimes he would tuck one into the sleeve of a cup of coffee, surprising me with both.

I long for long, slow days where I can sit and write, or lie and read. For now, I sneak moments in the morning when I can manage to wake up before anyone else. It’s so quiet then, and I can open the blinds and watch the world wake up. If I hear the birds chirping in the morning, I know I have missed my hour and have to try again tomorrow. Also, there always seems to be a couple of energetic early walkers, even at 6 AM. I watch them pass with all their gusto, as I am just clicking the stove on or lighting a candle. Other times I watch people through my kitchen window as I’m washing dishes — just yesterday it seemed my neighbor was out with her family every time I came to the sink. Sometimes it’s not people at all that I see, but a sly black cat or a skittish squirrel. On Sunday, it was a trio of brown ducks that crossed the street from my neighbor’s backyard (the one with the orange tree) and into ours. I ran to wake Will, who caught a glimpse of them before they went on their way.

Until the next time –


2 thoughts on “Small pleasures

  1. That was such a poetic description. Wherever you are, your spring is ahead of mine here so you gave me a little glimpse of I am looking forward to soon. Thank you. Oh, we did have one purple crocus bloom yesterday. It marked the hope I have from getting my first Covid vaccine yesterday. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind comment and for reading, LuAnne. The purple crocus sounds beautiful, and I am happy to hear you are well and have received your first Covid vaccine!

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