Just (now) a moment

As I step onto the back porch to transfer a small load of laundry to the dryer, the promise of afternoon sun beckons me further into the yard. The concrete walkway feels warm on the soles of my bare feet. I step into the grass, which is patchy and irregular. I feel the sandy earth between my toes, and pause to take in the sights around me. The garden looks dry this time of day, and I kneel to examine a peapod dangling from its vine. There are more white pea flowers, and here and there some yellow flowers from bok choy plants that have gone to seed. I feel content as I lean in to pinch off a leaf of Genovese basil. The spicy sweet flavor invigorates me, and I daydream about the summertime.

Just outside the garden bed, I look for Gulf fritillary caterpillars underneath the leaves of passionflower vines. I don’t see any today, but I find a little egg instead. Looking around once more before I go back inside, I see the little red flowers from the tropical sage plants like little sporadic explosions of color.

Now, I sit at the dining table and listen to the comforting warble of birdsongs and gaze out my window at the warm green/yellow glow that comes from the trees in all their afternoon splendor.

I can hear Piper in her room playing happily with her classmate, and Will is out on a walk with Rowan to bring our neighbor a slice of Italian apple cake and return her tupperware. She often brings us chicken noodle soup, or rice with chicken and bok choy. I enjoy this type of neighborly relationship, where we let the food speak for us. Just yesterday, another neighbor dropped by with a dozen fresh eggs. As Julia Child has said, “people who love to eat are always the best people”.

I hope you are enjoying a restful Sunday, and cheers to a fulfilling and happy week ahead.


2 thoughts on “Just (now) a moment

    1. Hi Mrs. N! I just saw this comment today. Thank you for your kindness. I’m so glad to hear you enjoy reading my blog. Have a great week. Wren

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