Easter & notes on our week

Our sweet Piper woke us up at 5 AM Easter morning, ready to begin the day’s festivities. Bleary eyed (and a bit bewildered), Will and I reminded her of the early time. We managed to get another hour or so of sleep after that, snuggled together like canned sardines in bed. Eventually, Rowan woke up and he and Piper eagerly went to find their Easter baskets. They brought them back to bed and went through them together. Soon, the bed was strewn with shiny golden chocolate wrappers and small toys. It was a slow and peaceful morning.

After fully waking up, the children blew bubbles on the front porch while Will hid eggs around the living room (we had boiled and dyed some the day before). They had a little egg hunt, and afterward they sat at the dining table and peeled them together. Piper had big plans to make angel eggs, and that’s just what she did! We ate them on the porch for breakfast with some salad.

Soon it was time to visit Grandmama and the rest of the family, including Aunt M. and sweet cousins who were in town for the holiday. We pulled in just as Uncle J. was hiding the last of the eggs for a surprise egg hunt. Rowan had taken a nap in the car. He took a while to shake the last bit of sleep off, despite both his aunts’ best efforts to cheer him with juice and packets of gummies. Eventually, he mustered up enough energy to go on the egg hunt. The children gathered on Grandmama’s front lawn and looked high and low for the plastic pastel eggs that hid fun Easter surprises. Aunt M. even hid stuffed animals around the yard. It was a lot of fun!

Papa, wearing a very festive purple shirt, came soon after bearing a box of gifts, photographs and other memories for us to bring home. Inside, Will and his brother donned bunny ears and made everyone laugh. We ate delicious sandwiches on cuban bread for lunch. I had a cookie for dessert — I think it was oatmeal cranberry. We ended the day at a playground by the pier, made all the more memorable because Grandmama came with us. Piper had fun playing with Aunt M. on the playground. Rowan was so fast that I had to laugh as I chased after him running all over the playground equipment.

Needless to say, we arrived home late after grabbing a quick dinner on the patio of a nearby Irish pub. It felt so good to be with family, especially after a year of very strict social distancing.

Will making me laugh again with silly piano antics on Easter day

On Monday morning I met with my friend A. and we shared tea together on the B&B patio. The cafe has a delicious and strong breakfast blend tea. I ordered that along with a hot honey biscuit, which gave me plenty of energy for the greater part of a day (haha). I love to meet with A. because we get to have philosophical discussions together, as well as talk about motherhood and the beauty of life. She has a remarkable memory and is always reading. I have a list of books that I want to read once I am through with (or decide to take a break from) book 5 of Outlander.

On Tuesday I brought Rowan to the library again. This time we returned his books from last week, and took out some new ones. We haven’t read them yet, but I imagine we will have time tomorrow and over the weekend. We also checked out a chapter book for Piper. She is an avid reader! Also, sometime on Monday or Tuesday Will picked the prettiest lavender colored rose for me and it has been sitting on our kitchen windowsill ever since. Sometimes I take a second to enjoy its fragrance and it brings me so much happiness and pleasure.

Yesterday and today I spent cleaning the playroom and Piper’s room, both of which needed a lot of attention. The days can sometimes seem long with Will’s full work schedule. It is a good thing, though, and it’s the best feeling when I get to catch a glimpse of him as we are coming and going. Also on Wednesday, I met A. again at the playground and we spent the morning together talking and watching the kids play. Her daughter is very nurturing toward Rowan. I enjoy watching her push him on the swing, walk with him or even help him through a particularly difficult task. Her younger son looks remarkably like Rowan. I think it is the hair — they both have beautiful, curly brown locks.

This morning Will and I enjoyed a little more time together. We walked to get coffee, and treated Rowan to hot chocolate and a jelly sandwich.

Toward the end of the day today I took the kids to the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner as well as some essentials (which, to me, means things like onions, carrots, chicken broth, pasta, lentils etc.) and I cooked up a quick spaghetti dinner with jarred sauce, made a salad of mixed greens and leftover beets, goat cheese and red onion and dressed it all up in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I opened a bottle of Chianti and poured myself a glass. The children shared a can of sparkling lemonade. We ate dinner on the sunny front porch while waiting for Will to come home. Rowan’s face looked sweet with marinara spread across his cheeks and chin — a little bit of babyhood still clinging to him, although he swears he is a big boy and won’t hear anything different. I loved it all — love them all — so much!

Now I’m writing and haven’t yet touched my cup of green tea, but I look forward to drinking it now that I appear to be through with sharing the highlights of my week with you all. May you have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading this far,


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