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Rainy day notes

Today is wet, gray, and quiet. I am sitting at my writing desk with the window open; the rain has stopped for the moment. No one is outside except for the squirrels and birds. The still grass and tree leaves are covered in the sheen of this morning’s rain. The sky grows darker as I write, and the large green ferns across the alleyway leave the impression of a prehistoric jungle just outside my window. As the light shifts, dark green is streaked with yellow and my friendly neighborhood returns. Bags of neatly bundled yard waste sit in a pile across the street, awaiting pickup day. The sleek tire belonging to a neighbor’s motorcycle peeks out of its protective tarp. Lichen grows on the tree branch just outside. A feeling builds within me — a yearning to crawl over my desk and out my window, into the beauty that is this day.

A squirrel is sitting on a little branch of the same tree. I purse my lips and call to him. Our eyes meet for a moment – two dark sets taking eachother in, curiously. His fur camouflages with the tree bark and its various shades of brown and patches of white.

Inside, I am in a nest of musical instruments, laundry, and bins of books and paperwork. A mug with a handle fashioned like a parrot sits on the far end of the windowsill, filled with paintbrushes and a plastic Forky character. He is holding a cardboard cutout guitar in his sparkly red pipecleaner hands. Looking at his googly eyes and blue clay smile brings one to my own face.

I think I will leave my nest, now, and venture outside with Rowan. I will put on his rainboots and see if we can find any leftover puddles from this morning’s rain. I’ll rummage up some quarters to buy food and feed the ducks down by the lake.

Enjoy your day and what adventures it brings —


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