Sunday here & now

There is magic in the present moment. I had every intention of writing about our day at the market yesterday, about seeing Toulouse Lautrec at the art museum, and about our our time with friends and their pet pig Rose. Instead, I am moved to share with you the sight of the leaves dancing on the tree outside, and the life giving sensation of breathing in the fresh morning air. If you have been following along with my blog for the past month, you may have noticed this pattern developing for some time. So, I hope that you do not mind another blog from my “room with a view”.

Mr. Ron has his back porch light on. I imagine him in a pair of old slippers, shuffling around his kitchen the same way he shuffles around his yard. Is he getting his wife a cup of coffee to go with her breakfast, or are they reading the newspaper in bed? Meanwhile, it appears the rest of the neighborhood is still asleep this Sunday morning. The windows from the apartments across the street are dark. I have seen only one dog walker pass through the alleyway.

The light has shifted in a sudden and fantastic display of yellow. The morning sun is kissing the leaves and shining through my own window. It is a cosmic miracle to feel this starlight on my face, to witness the miracle of its arrival from some 90 million miles away. I think of Thoreau, when he wrote “morning is when I am wake, and there is a dawn in me.” I want to hold on to this feeling of dawn as I go about our day today. I want to live in the joy of the present moment and see all the bits of magic and light as it unfolds.

Oh, and my musical suggestions for a thoughtful kind of Sunday? The Amelie soundtrack and anything by Sigur Ros. Or, as my husband would say “the birds” (and he doesn’t mean the band).

Thanks for sharing a moment with me –


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