Daisies, Twilight Zone, Spaghetti

Today I trimmed the daisies. I put two of the cheerful yellow flowers into an old acqua panna bottle that I had saved from our last trip to the beach. The last two I placed in a unique vase that my mother gave to me a few years ago that is made out of collapsible plastic. The flowers are now brightening up our kitchen and dining room, respectively.

I’m sitting at our dinner table. The room is dark, save the bit of light that is filtering through the one old window in the room. It is currently propped open with a can of plain breadcrumbs. Although it is very hot outside, the fresh air blowing into the house feels cool and refreshing. Outside is very quiet. The quiet and the dark and the quality of the air has all lent an eerie feeling to the moment, as though we are suspended in time. I’m smiling now, imagining a spontaneous Rod Serling narration: “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead— your next stop, the Twilight Zone!” Haha.

In an hour I will boil water for spaghetti. Pasta is always welcome in our house, but spaghetti (with tomato sauce in particular) has been my favorite since childhood. “Psghetti” was one of my first words, and I would ask for it often. My mom makes a delicious meat sauce. It is filled with time and love — two of the best ingredients you can cook with, if you ask me. Today, though, I will be warming up a jar of sauce. On days when I am very tired, it is a gift to take short cuts with cooking but still be able to sit down to a hot meal. There is this one restaurant I used to go to in high school called Bucca di Beppo. I became enchanted with the photographs of celebrities slurping spaghetti that lined the walls. There was even a Pope table! I think the restaurant is still in business, so if you ever find yourself craving Italian food in Orlando, look them up.

“Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti” – Sophia Loren

It’s a short blog today. My foot — no, my entire left leg up to my knee — has fallen asleep as I have been sitting here writing. I’d like to write more, but it seems all this talk of spaghetti has made me hungry.


One thought on “Daisies, Twilight Zone, Spaghetti

  1. Mom was drawn into your blog when I just read it to her. She thanks you for the beautiful words and memories.

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