Hi, I’m Wren.

I created this blog as a means to explore my life and celebrate the many meaningful day to day moments I share with my family.  Cooking is somewhat of a compulsive habit of mine; there are times I find myself pulled toward the kitchen just because.  Because maybe in that small space, the warmth of the stove feels enveloping and womb-like.  Cutting onions brings welcome stillness.  Or maybe, it is simply because cooking is the closest thing to art these humble hands have experienced.

I love to read and, when I can, watch movies.  If you have any book suggestions, please let me know in a comment on the blog.  I’m especially interested in classics, adventures, philosophy, and all the best to do with travel and food (of course).  As far as movies, I’m hopelessly in love with romances, although I love them best when they are quirky.

Will, my husband, is as much a dreamer as I am.  We met years ago at the park; it was a sunny day and he had a lost dog.  I had a camera.  We made lots and lots of found signs together.  Later I learned that he was an artist and a musician, and would become the silliest person I know, with the best dance moves and the bluest eyes.  Together we live in a little house with a garden and our two children.  Every day they remind us of the magnitude of love, and to live a life filled with presence, gratitude, and ecstatic joy.

I truly hope to hear from you!  I especially love overseas visitors to the blog, mainly because we so wish to travel.  Please feel free to say Hello.

Wren (and family)

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