3 Years

Our sweet girl turns three today.  We were all buzzing with energy last night, wrapping presents in leftover Christmas paper for Piper to open this morning during her party.  This morning we woke up earlier than usual; Will snagged a pavilion by the playground and set up decorations, which included a pinata and various Dora… Continue reading 3 Years

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An encounter at the park on a quiet morning.

We took the wagon to the park this morning.  I packed two mason jars filled with homemade strawberry banana smoothies, and we set off through the neighborhood.  Today is a beautiful day; although it is windy, warm beams of sunlight would sometimes rest upon our skin when we found a particularly open area outside.  Once we… Continue reading An encounter at the park on a quiet morning.

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Spring as we see it.

Outside, the scent of Jasmine lingers around our doorway, emanating from the vine that creeps up and around the ironwork just in front of our house.  The orchid by the steps now sports three flowers.  All of our hibiscus bushes are in bloom.  Otherworldly dragonflies glide through the air as the sun casts its light on their iridescent bodies and paper-thin… Continue reading Spring as we see it.