Strawberry crumble and cinnamon roll dreams.

Tuesday we ate fish sticks and salad for dinner with homemade dressing. Afterward, the children perched over the table as I gathered ingredients to make strawberry crumble. We followed the recipe from the illustrated children’s cookbook Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street by Felicita Sala. Piper sliced through two boxes worth of local strawberries, and Rowan… Continue reading Strawberry crumble and cinnamon roll dreams.


Local Joy

Saturday afternoon we popped in to see the new bakery opening downtown, Honeycomb Bakery. The children ate warm toast and apple butter, Will had a thick slice of avocado toast topped with locally grown pea shoots and sliced peppers, and I relished a warm slice of freshly baked challah slathered with chocolate hazelnut spread and… Continue reading Local Joy



A bowlful of juicy ripe cherries, a plate of sliced peaches that perfumes our kitchen. Leisurely breakfasts of coffee, eggs, yogurt, fruit and toast. Yearning to feel the ocean, to walk barefoot in the garden before sunset. To climb a tree, to seek the sun. Dragonflies and shy turtles. Snake birds. Ducks in the backyard… Continue reading Summer