Strawberry crumble and cinnamon roll dreams.

Tuesday we ate fish sticks and salad for dinner with homemade dressing. Afterward, the children perched over the table as I gathered ingredients to make strawberry crumble. We followed the recipe from the illustrated children’s cookbook Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street by Felicita Sala. Piper sliced through two boxes worth of local strawberries, and Rowan… Continue reading Strawberry crumble and cinnamon roll dreams.

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Spring as we see it.

Outside, the scent of Jasmine lingers around our doorway, emanating from the vine that creeps up and around the ironwork just in front of our house.  The orchid by the steps now sports three flowers.  All of our hibiscus bushes are in bloom.  Otherworldly dragonflies glide through the air as the sun casts its light on their iridescent bodies and paper-thin… Continue reading Spring as we see it.