A bowlful of juicy ripe cherries, a plate of sliced peaches that perfumes our kitchen. Leisurely breakfasts of coffee, eggs, yogurt, fruit and toast. Yearning to feel the ocean, to walk barefoot in the garden before sunset. To climb a tree, to seek the sun. Dragonflies and shy turtles. Snake birds. Ducks in the backyard… Continue reading Summer

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Downtown Lakeland in the morning, and Will’s new blog.

Today we spent the early morning hours downtown.  We ambled through Munn Park, threw pennies into a small fountain, and walked along sidewalks, waiting for the shops to open.  Today, being the first Friday of the month, Lakeland will host an event downtown with local vendors, and the shops will stay open late.  I felt… Continue reading Downtown Lakeland in the morning, and Will’s new blog.

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Spring as we see it.

Outside, the scent of Jasmine lingers around our doorway, emanating from the vine that creeps up and around the ironwork just in front of our house.  The orchid by the steps now sports three flowers.  All of our hibiscus bushes are in bloom.  Otherworldly dragonflies glide through the air as the sun casts its light on their iridescent bodies and paper-thin… Continue reading Spring as we see it.