A quick note

Sitting at the dining room table with a steaming mug of Tulsi tea. It’s Sunday, and the last day of our winter break. I do think we are all finally ready to start our usual schedule again. The last few days have been especially difficult; Rowan had an accident at the playground and must wear… Continue reading A quick note



Here I am, midweek and on the cusp of a new school year. Sure, we have a few more weeks of summer, but I can feel the change approaching and it is bittersweet. I’m so excited for our girl to begin first grade, and to have the mornings with our youngest to play before he… Continue reading Wednesday



Today finds me standing barefoot at the kitchen sink, washing dishes from breakfast and looking out the window at another hot and desolate summer afternoon. The house is quiet while Rowan naps and Piper is in her room playing a game on the tablet. My mind drifts toward thoughts of my grandparents. I feel unanchored.… Continue reading Moments


In the cafe

At this moment I am nestled in a small corner of the cafe at the library, nibbling on a chocolate brownie with sea salt. It feels so very good to be around people coming and going, while also having some quiet alone space. I can smell the toasty aroma of coffee in the air. A… Continue reading In the cafe